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[Resolved] Uploaded Avatars not working after a domain move.

  • Hi there,
    Yesterday i essentially cloned my active BP site with all its members and plugins to a second domain (intended to replace)
    Everything seems to have worked perfectly except the Avatars. out of 9000+ members veryyy few show gravatars – instead of the more than 90% that have custom uploaded avatars.
    The avatar photos are in place in the filestructure.. but the gravatar link seems to be taking over and resulting in Mysteryman. : / (all’s well on the original domain setup and bp-core-avatars.php is a match)

    Root installation
    Both domains currently WordPress 3.3.1. and current BP (4/2/12)
    about 30 plugins but none to affect avatar.
    Mingle BP theme
    Do you have any custom functions in bp-custom.php? (none for avatars)
    Please provide a list of any errors in your server’s log files.
    ISP: Cox cable (east coast)
    server running Apache i believe… all setups handled via cpanel

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    In looking more closely it appears Filezilla was having trouble continuing transfers to backup before the cloning (timed out i suppose) so it only backed up partial uploads/avatars/ folders and hundreds were missing from my cloned site.

    Uploaded the missing folders in chunks to be sure all crossed over… and ‘problem’ was solved.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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