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Restoring wp-config

  • billc108


    I foolishly overwrote wp-config without a backup and if I recall there are some specific lines relating to BuddyPress that go above the “happy blogging” message.

    Can someone tell me what the basic info I need is?

    This is a multisite (subdomain type) installation if that makes a difference, and it was working well until I messed with it. I’ve already got the WP subdomain lines in there, borrowed from another site and tweaked as needed.


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  • Unless you’ve made some advanced tweaks to BuddyPress — which will be hard for us to remember for you 😉 — BuddyPress doesn’t need anything in wp-config.

    Only thing that springs to my mind is possibly a line in the MS config block stating the root blog and there are a few define contants that can be added to wp-config but as Paul says we won’t be able to remember for you what custom tweaks you had in your file.



    Thanks for the feedback. As it turns out, I was finally able to restore the old config file (and make several backup copies, of course).

    And the BuddyPress stuff I remembered being in there was actually BuddyVents.

    …Time to go back in there and fix what I was supposed to yesterday, before I created the problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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