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Restrict Joining certain Group Types

  • cristinaqhc


    I have a project where I would like to restrict Users from joining Groups that have specific Group Types.

    For example if a user is part of a Group with Group Type “A” they will not be able to join Groups of Group Types “B” and “C”, but they can join Group Types “D” and “E”.

    I have been on this for weeks and struggling to come up with a function for this. Any direction here will be greatly appreciated!

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  • GyziieDK


    I use Paid Membership Pro and this add on:

    You would need to setup some (maybe) pretty complex membeships, but it would be possible to solve with PMP. You can add users into memberships – and these memberships can have access to specific groups only by default.

    Not sure if this helps and solves your problem, but only solution I can think of when it comes to restrictions and BuddyPress Features.

    Kind regards! 🙂

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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