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restrict the ‘members’ page from logged out viewing

  • hi all,

    How do go about restricting the viewing of my members ‘page’ to logged-in/registered members only please..?

    thanks again in advance,


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  • pcwriter



    Umm… this is your 3rd post asking pretty much the same question that was answered here: Creating multiple posts on the same topic isn’t going to get you help any faster; it just tends to clutter up the forum.

    The conditional code provided in the thread I linked to above will get you what you want. It’s now a matter of learning about Buddypress file/template structure, and educating yourself on how WordPress and Buddypress work to understand how and where to use the code snippet. To help in this regard, links were also provided to the main help sites (codex) for both WP and BP in one of your earlier posts, along with a suggestion by hnla for a site where you can get basic coding help.

    Time to hunker down and get your hands a bit dirty! Besides, learning new stuff can be a lot of fun :-)

    well no I don’t see any similarity. My last post was asking about restricting member profile viewings, then I enquired about activity posts, now I’m asking about restricting the viewing on the actual members page.

    I’m sorry you may get the impression that I’m repeating myself but in theory these are 3 seperate issues.
    If there were any similarities in terms of addressing these issues then I wouldn’t have to go to 3 different areas to edit.

    I don’t think it’s fair to imply that I appear to be making ‘no’ attempt at at helping my self with these issues, for the record I am very much a ‘hands on’ type of chap who does not expect anything to be handed on a plate. I equally don’t expect every post to receive a reply and at least wait until alternative avenues have been exhausted.

    While I appreciate the advise that’s been offered to me in these forums I’d like to inform those who I have conversed with that on various occasions I have actually been misguided in terms of code edits, and actually found ways to fix these problems myself.
    I could quite easily come here to moan, critisize, and equally imply that at times it appears that one needs a preverbial crow-bar to lever advise out of other wp/bp users, but I don’t, and choose to keep my personal opinions to myself.

    @pinhit the expresion ‘lever advise’ is not a good choice of terms nor is ‘misguided ‘ the support forum is voluntary; people help out where they can, there is no SLa that advise is correct it’s the best that a member might be able to offer.

    If you have found your own solutions to problems then that is great and you are on the road to learning – keep it up.

    As for the question I’m afraid it is pretty much a repeat it’s in essence the same question as follows: “how can I restrict views of a particular page/element/component”. The code was provided that enables this , there are many conditional template tags that allow for simple logic queries such as “is the user logged in? then allow else send them elsewhre or post a message” you will use the same process for different situations.

    However you may benefit from simply blocking logged out users using a small snippet of code that I think was named ‘Walled garden’ or something similar.

    Closing this thread as an example of the ‘sh_walled_garden’ I mention above is given in this duplicate thread:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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