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restricted join

  • I haven’t installed yet, but I’m curious if there is a way to restrict or approve who can join the site. Our intended use will be a student/alumni network and needs to offer a way for us to keep the integrity of the network solid.

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  • There is nothing built in yet to the buddypress suite of plugins. You would have to search for options on WPMU itself. There are a variety of ways. Off top of my head:

    1) Have members email the site-admin about registration and then have the site-admin manually create their account (whole time with all registrations off)

    2) Use a plugin like “Signup Question” and then make the question and the answer something that you only give out to members you want to join. Almost like “invitation” so to speak.

    3) There are plugins that exist for the admin to “approve new blogs”, but don’t know of any that deal with user accounts themselves, but that might work.

    4) Create a page that users can use to signup by giving all the required information to the site-admin and then manually create them (so they don’t have to email you).

    In terms of WPMU, there really is a “hole” in the invitation or restricting registration. It would be nice if something was created for sure, but as far as I can tell, options really are limited on solutions already created.


    Well this issue has been handled beautifully, but (of course) now I’m getting requests for something slightly different.

    My issue: current students, faculty, and staff will have an domain email address, so I can restrict joining to just that domain using the built-in feature. However, our alumni do not have emails because we only last semester got setup to give them permanent email addresses. ITS has offered to allow alumni to acquire addresses, but we’d really like to cut out the middleman (and the additional step)and just send invitations out to their existing email. Is there a way to have both restrictions in place?

    Rules: (1) anyone with a email address can register without invitation code, (2) if they have an invitation (code, link, whatev) they can register using any email address.

    Is such a thing even possible? Any plugin devs wanna tackle this issue?

    Also, I would LOVE to be able to import a list of email address and have the system blast invitations to each one.

    I do not need the ability to for users to send invitations to their friends.



    I would like to see a way to hold new users in a moderation queue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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