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Restricting Activity Posts to certain roles

  • Calvin Powers



    I am on wordpress 3.1.3 and the latest BuddyPress. I want to enable people to create an account on my site which starts them out with the “subscriber” role. I want the subscriber role to be a “read only” role in terms of comments on WP posts, creating forum topics, and posting activity status.

    So I have managed to hack up the UI pages in the WP themes and the BP theme files to remove various buttons from the UI that lets people post stuff. Today, when a user creates an account on my site, they get a BP profile and they can join public groups, etc. But if they go to the status page and enter a status, they cannot submit it because I’ve hacked it up so that the button is replaced with text that says “sorry, your level is not allowed to post status updates.”

    But today I discovered that there are still some bots who have been able to create accounts on my site and post spam as status updates. So I figure the bots know just the right API call and they don’t have to go through the UI at all. Bah!

    Before I try to dig deeper into the BP code, I figured I’d post here. Are there any extensions/plugins that let me restrict posting/status updating to certain WP roles?

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