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Restricting BuddyPress users from interacting with each other

  • brittbradley


    I’m starting a community of students, adult mentors, and parents. Trouble is — I want to restrict access so that Parent and Student user types aren’t able to interact with each other via BuddyPress — I don’t want them to be able to become friends, send messages to each other, read each other’s posts, nada. (Because nothing will shut down conversation with a teenager faster than knowing their parents might be listening in.) Any clue how I could accomplish this?


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  • Rimon Habib


    BuddyPress doesn’t have role based access management system for its components like WordPress roles, However, It has Member Type API now which is a potential lead to creating access management system using member type.
    I am actually working on creating this plugin, which will be extension of my another plugin, BuddyPress Member Type Manager

    By the way, you can turn off friend, messaging features from BuddyPress settings. But I guess you are talking about interacting one specific type of users to that type of users only, in this case, you must need to use Member Type API anyway.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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