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Restricting Private Messages

  • candy88


    Hi all,
    I’ve been trying to use a function to limit or remove the use of private messaging for certain user groups. Im using the latest WP and BP and also pmpro to manage my memberships.
    I realise this has been asked before but none of the functions that have been posted in previous threads have worked (however, as a complete novice i may be doing something wrong).
    Ideally i would like to limit the number of private messages per week for a certain membership level, but would be happy to just remove the option to pm altogether if limiting isn’t a option.
    Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice you can offer me

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  • shanebp


    You can remove the PM option by deselecting it on the Settings > BuddyPress > Components screen in wp-admin.

    There have been other topics re restricting PMs based on membership.
    It’s not very difficult to do – but is difficult to answer.
    The issue is that the solution has to be specific to

    • the membership plugin being used: s2member, pmpro, etc
    • the range and allowed number of PMs
    • feedback method re UX
    • additional misc parameters

    Therefore, especially for novices, the answer falls beyond the normal scope of these forums.
    You might get lucky, but I suggest posting on the Jobs Board.



    thank you for your advice 🙂 will keep trying for now and hope i crack it

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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