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Rich Media Support

  • Analysing an experience of the community I’m managing on BP the most desired by users feature is being able upload and share images, video and audio.

    I know there were some plugins to do that, but as for me it’s important to provide the solid admin interface for users to manage their media – for example if user (who is quite unfamiliar with HTML and etc.) upload a picture in his/her profile he/she should have the simple and intuitive way to post it into blog and vise versa.

    So if BP is going to have it’s own media component I vote for closer integration (or may be replacement) of native WP media library.

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  • xfreme






    The extra steps of creating a post just to share a set of photos proved to be too much.

    I believe that BuddyPress should have the feature of adding photos, videos and links. We call this “Social networking” software, right?

    So how can’t it have this feauture? This seemed really ridicolus to me when I first realized that BuddyPress doesn’t have this BASIC feature.

    Avi M



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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