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Right Sidebar Missing

  • santanin


    Good morning,

    Thank you for your continued hard work on such an amazing system like BuddyPress. I just created a brand new website with the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress (WordPress 3.6.1 and BuddyPress 1.8.1).

    I purchased a popular theme from ThemeForest and installed BuddyPress 1.8.1, but the sidebar (neither left nor right) does not appear on any of the BuddyPress pages, such as the Memebr Directory, the Register page, nor the Activate page. The sidebar displays fine on all other non BuddyPress pages. On BuddyPress pages, the page is full width, even though I specified the BuddyPress pages to have a sidebar.

    I cannot provide a link on a public forum as the website is for a client.

    Have you heard of issues like this with the sidebars not appearing on BuddyPress pages on new WordPress installs with popular themes? Do you have any advice?

    Thank you.

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