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S2/BP/WP – Membership Levels Issues

  • jaynation


    Good Morning All,

    I have searched the BP forums and YouTube for a solution here but no luck…

    I have built my community based website with some help from a front end developer and I am almost ready to launch but I have a couple of outstanding issues with Buddypress/WP/S2 Member. I desperately need help with please.

    The site is not yet live so I cannot include a link:

    WP – 4.5.3
    All other plugins are updated to latest versions.
    Theme: MSocial

    1. When I test and register a user/member they should be on 1 of 4 named levels (through S2 member) (not pro)…however they are being defaulted to BASE and not level 1-4.

    2. When I go to edit the user profile I am presented with all the user groups in addition to the Base group which will confuse users.

    Barring this logging in/out and registration all works. I am not a website designer or developer but I have got this far please can anyone help?

    I would really appreciate some support here…many thanks.


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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