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s2member | 403 forbiden on our lost passwod redirect

  • salvig67


    I recently installed s2member on one of my installs.

    It made my lost password page redirect to a 403 forbidden page.

    I was pocking around a s2members forum on the wordpress site and found dozens of unanswered support questions.

    So I am turning to the Core Guru’s please give me a hint.

    I checked the login pages code and found it was set to true.

    I re-installed both buddypress and wordpress.

    I even replace the .htaccess with a new but old one but no luck.

    I am going to start to see if their are any files still around from the s2member install.

    But I am stumped. Could anyone shed a light on what it is.

    I was only looking for a way to make it so I can approve group creating as many people are creating groups that are not related to the site.

    Thanks for the help.

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