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S2member and Buddypress

  • derock299



    Please I have an issue. My website is a free membership website (no form of payment, just a free membership site where my colleagues can register and chat in groups for free).

    I have s2member Pro, buddypress and bbpress installed.

    S2member Pro= handles registration form. there is a restricition in the forum page which redirects you to either register or login before you can access the forums and its working fine( I HAVE DONE THAT ALREADY). During member registration, theres a field i created for year of graduation. lets say for a example you choose 1991 as your year of graduation, then you finish your registration and logged in.

    Buddypress= BP handles my group forums and i have groups forums 91, 92,93 and so on. I want only users that graduated in 1991 to have access to only group 91. Users that graduated in 1992 to have access to group 92 only. users that graduated in 1991 should not be able to access 92 groups and vice versa.

    BBPress: My bb press handles sitewide forums and general chats which is already accessible to every logged in member.

    Please how can I tweak both or either s2member pro and/or buddypress to achieve this results?

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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