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same user, different Groups and different roles

  • Hi

    Can I set a user like:
    – moderator/editor of the group A, where he can (for example) delete/edit/ban
    – normal user in the group B, where he can only read/write

    Thank you

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  • Yes! Try it and see!

    this is a very good news, for me. :-)
    I was worried about it!
    I’m trying from 2 days/6 hours a day.
    I’ve installed a lot of plugins to help me, but probably I’m missing the easiest solution!
    can you give me a little clue?
    (sorry, I’ve discovered buddypress few days ago, I have follen in love with it, I’ve installed wordpress for this reason and I have already configured a site with bp… I’m missing only this point… damn! :-))

    Thanks (with a smile on my face!)



    Create a group,
    go to the groups home page,
    you will see “admin”.. Click it..
    then go to “members”
    that should answer your question.

    fab! so easy!
    thank you.
    I see user/moderator/admin levels.
    from the same page, can you manage also more levels?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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