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Save Changes Button not showing on Settings

  • wingflap


    I’m using the latest WordPress and Buddypress. From the Dashboard, If I click Settings and then Buddypress, there are 3 tabs to change settings: Components, Options, and Pages. When I select Components or Options, I don’t see the “Save Changes” button below the tables with the settings. On the Pages tab, the button apprears.

    I’m using the Phlox theme. When I change to the Twenty-Twenty-Three theme, the buttons do show.

    When I examine the elements in my browser, I can see that the button is in the HTML for Components and Options, but is wrapped by a <p> tag with a class of Submit and Clear. On the Pages tab, the button is wrapped by a <p>tag with only a class of Submit.

    The Phlox Theme is using a class Clear which includes overflow: hidden and visibility: hidden. The Twenty-Twenty-Three theme is using a class Clear without the overflow or visibility attributes.

    Is the “Clear” class in the <p> for the Components and Options tabs a mistake or does Phlox need to change the way it defines Clear?

    It’s frustrating to have to inspect elements and change the overflow and visibility every time I want to change any of these settings.

    Advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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