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Save me to recover buddypress

  • freeace00



    I’m personally running a small community for my hobby. I changed it to WP and Buddypress few years ago.
    It has been over 30,00 members.
    However, my site is freezing and can’t use now. there has been a problem when Buddypress is activated.
    My site takes so much time to load.
    I have been testing many ways such as deactivate all of plugins, switching themes. and I found my site is super slow or takes forever to load when buddypress is activated.
    BBpress is also fine to use. I have to stop instance and restart everytime. it loads not too slow at first and in a few min later, it loads very slow and finally stop.
    As I said, when buddypress is deactivated, it works fine.

    I am using AWS EC2, RDS. server error log doesn’t tell much.

    Is there anyway to debug buddypress or find the solution?

    I love buddypress. Please let me fix and be a big fan forever.

    Thank you!

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