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Saving member role on profile for search

  • batg1rl



    I am using S2member Pro with Buddypress. When users register, they register as ‘owner’, ‘borrower’ or ‘both’. I have set these labels to correspond with the S2member levels and labels – level 1 = owner, 2 = borrower, 3 = both. When a member wants to search, owners would want to search for borrowers and vice versa and if they have registered for both they would want to search for owners or borrowers.

    My problem is that these names are not saved. Ideally, I would like them to be saved as part of the registration process (each type would have a different cost) and not changed during profile completion or be visable on their profile.

    I am using BP Profile Search plugin and need to be able to search for owners or borrowers and if the user is registered as both their profile should show when owners or borrowers are searched for.

    Has anybody got any ideas or solutions to this ? I really need your help !!!

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