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Bottom – A BuddyPress Powered Article Directory

  • Sniper Kitten


    Just managed to integrate BuddyPress into my article directory site. It may not have all the fancy stuff that make it look fantastic but I think its OK.

    Thanks to WordPress Jetpack and SyntaxHighlighter, members are free to insert mathematical formulas and source code (PHP, HTML, etc) into the article.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

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  • candeed


    love the concept.. :) In my opinion, navigation on the right side should be moved to left side..
    Let articles on the right side.. and advertisement space can be inserted between articles..

    Lately people is getting familiar with sites like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogspot interface layouts which put navigation on the left column..

    Just my opinion.. But nice concept anyway..


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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