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Search by letter quirk

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    After importing about 500 groups into my buddypress database, I was browsing the groups directory by letter and noticed something strange – if you click on a letter that contains more than the maximum-per-page number of groups, and then click on the pagination link to page x of that letter, buddypress instead takes you to page x of the entire directory.

    In otherwords, say there are 20 groups for letter F. You click letter A, and see the first 10 groups. You want to see the next 10 so you click to page 2, and then you end up at page 2 of the entire group directory, which contains entries that start with the letter A or B.

    I thought something was wrong with my installation until I looked at and noticed it worked the same way. Am I missing something? It doesn’t seem like it should work this way. It is the same for letter-searching by member.

    Apologies if this issue has been talked about elsewhere. I haven’t tried 1.1 yet – does 1.1 address this?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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