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Search, challenge to opponent

  • hemanttechno


    Hello There,

    Thanks for your support in advance.

    I want to add new feature for my buddypress registered members where Member may be a “fighter” and he can search another all member of his “sport type”. if one find the same type of sport man he can “challenge” another for match/fight. And opponent can be able to accept challenge.

    “Here *Search and after search *Challenge button & *Accept Challenge I do need to create.”

    Please help me some sample of codes. I’m intermediate in php, wordpress and buddypress. Please anyone help me how to do code in right direction to achieve this task.

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  • zo1234


    That seems beyond the scope of buddypress, you may want to search for a gamification plugin. Also, don’t hold your breath on getting an answer here. For such a popular plugin, the support sucks and I’m becoming less and less of a fan of buddypress. The solutions aren’t straight forward, it’s “Here modify 20 files and create this new child theme and create 1000 lines of code”. Not a very user-friendly plugin compared to others.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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