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search for every post/comment

  • benb1


    hi guys i recently pourchaced BuddyPress & Youzify trying to build kind of social media website.

    my issue is that i would like to give the users options to search for specific posts/comments people posted.

    what works – example:
    username: Ben posted “hi josh, nice to know you like PIZZA”
    in the search bar search for “pizza” and it will show thee user this comment/post.

    what doesn’t work (and i want to fix!): “hi josh, NICE to know you like PIZZA”
    a search for “nice pizza” should show this post as well.

    any code needed? ajax? maybe plugin? maybe simple or complicated solution, anything will be highly appreciated!

    i made a video to explain better

    Thanks! 😀

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  • shanebp


    BuddyPress is free – there is nothing to purchase.
    Youzify replaces most of the BP templates – you should send any questions about that to them.
    BP activity search does not use key words, it only uses an exact match on the text as a substring.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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