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Search inside threads

  • Hi, I’ve been using buddypress for a forum and so far it worked great.
    However I have a small problem, the search option only searches inside the thread name, but not inside the thread content.
    Since users often use the search function to make sure not to ask the same question, I wonder what options are there to integrating a search that looks inside thread content.

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  • opensourcelover


    any updates??



    This is very important feature as the forum activity is increasing everyday. Any suggestions on searching thread content?



    This thread needs attention. In this state the search is just broken in comparison to similar platforms. Please don’t hold this off until the bbPress plugin arrives, it’s high time this feature sees some sweet lovin’.

    We know search isn’t great, but it’s unlikely to be worked on for 1.3 due to time constraints. Unless someone wants to contribute some enhancements? Happy to brainstorm ideas if someone wants to run with it.

    BUMP for this! search thread content would be super valuable

    I’m keen to see if anyone has come up for a fix for this yet too…?



    This is huge for us, has anyone seen an example of this in the wild? Is there anyone solving this problem? @DJPaul, I’d like to take you up on that brainstorming offer. What is holding back post_text search? It appears that the scaffolding exists already in BB_Query class.



    I can’t get the global Buddydev search form to work… it only searches members and stops…. I notice that the search button on this site doesn’t work either.. it just takes me to a landing page whatever term I search for…

    Yes @sxalexander, it appears that the function exists for searching post_text as well as tags and other fields within the class.bbquery file but I cannot work out how to activate it in my theme.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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