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search members how to set it ?

  • johanna75


    I spend lot of time with geomywp plugin but it seems that members once account created have to go in Position to feel (another time) there adresse to make the plugin works…

    Does with Buddypress I can make a search members form by city?

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  • djsteveb


    – looks like an interesting plugin – not sure if it’s a free plugin with paid extensions, or a premium plugin altogether – or how it works- you are best off asking those plugin makers more than likely. I see they have 2 premium add on extensions that seem to fit in with what you are asking about though: the geo members directory and the xprofile fields extensioons – which seem to be priced from $29 – $130 each.

    again, not sure how any of the plugin is working for you – it kind of sounds like there is some info that has been added to your member’s profiles.. and if it that’s the case – you may have some luck with adding the “bp profile search” plugin – which is free. There some quick docs on how to get it up and running on a page or wdiget with certain features ->

    That may be all you need… if not, I would cough up the money for the premium addon and ask the author of the main plugin – sounds like it’ll be faster and easier to get working..

    the buddypress forums are likely going to leave you hanging with no answers if you ask about anything like plugins, themes, custom mods that are premium / aka costs money.

    I’d love to know if your plugin maker there has a way to turn off the “google maps” part – I mean it sounds nice on the features page – but I’m pretty sure html5 has a geo location feature that can be tapped into without using google maps.. and if I was to use a plugin like that, I would certainly not be sacrificing my user’s privacy by using something that depended on the big G to get their data. Surely there are other ways / other options.

    my 2cents.. your situations may be different



    Thanks dj for your answer
    You’re right. I’m going to think of another issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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