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Search Plugin or Code Required

  • sameast


    I am looking for a developer to add greater search functionality to buddypress

    Here are the outlines of the project.

    We are doing a re-design for a business consultancy website. This is going to be website where users will be able to search and find the most relevant business consultant in their area.

    We will be using Buddy press and word press mu to handle the member’s profiles and all the rest of the functionality of the site.

    The main areas they are looking for is and ease of use for a defined search.

    Here is a link to give a rough idea of how this will work.

    They will be able to search via the following areas:

    Specialising as a select box; “Which will be decided upon via a checkbox list from the member edit their profiles”

    Category as a select box; “The business consultants will specify a category on editing profile”

    And the main implementation is a geo-coded search feature which would list the consultants in distance order from the users postcode or location..”see example below”

    Here is a rough example of how the fields will appear in buddy press

    The field are added via the members profile add extra fields it may have more eventually.

    So we are looking for a developer that can add this functionality to buddy press we will be handle all the design process,

    We have a time span off under three weeks.

    Please contact me for extra information.

    Kind Regards


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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