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Search URL For Term In Specific Xprofile Field

  • Hastig


    BP 2.4.3 | WP 4.4.1

    I want to create a link to search xprofile fields for a specific keyword.

    For example, the xprofile field ‘Region‘ has two possibilities, ‘East‘ and ‘West

    I can do /members/?s=East

    But that searches all fields and will give imprecise results as someone may have the word East in their about me or elsewhere.

    So, something like this..


    I was sure I had seen somewhere it was possible but can’t find the bookmark.

    Here’s the same question asked a few years ago with no answer..

    xprofile slugs search

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  • Hastig


    I figured out how to do it with the plugin BP Profile Search

    In the plugin options if you choose the option Get under Form Method your searches with this plugin will show a link in the url field of your browser.

    seems to work fine shortened to..

    You can use links like those to build custom menus.

    But they are of course dependent on the plugin being installed as well as other variables you create with the plugin form builder.

    I’ll update this another day when I figure out a plugin independent method.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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