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searchable directory and forum

  • sromega


    my web site:
    bp version 2.7.2 and bp profile search v. 4.6
    wp version 4.5.4

    we are a non-profit org with members from arts and cultural sectors in our region. We are looking to have a searchable directory for our members, and future ability to create online forums, exclusively to our registered members. The forum capability is the reason we chose to download bp, although it is as feature we are not yet ready to implement.
    For now, the directory of our members is intended to be something that we control fully, it will be a type of yellow pages of our members. We will input all member information.
    After reading through some of the bp documentation, I am now not sure if bp is the right solution for us. For example, it seems that when creating a member directory, I can only upload gravatars as member profile images, and that would be something that only members can upload?
    So my question is: is buddypress right for us, or should we download a crm? I have looked at CiviCRM as an example. Please advise.

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  • Venutius


    It could be, difficult to answer since you have not given a great deal of detail on what features you want. You can create multiple extra profile fields which are searchable, you can use a plugin like BP Profile Search to enable all sections of the profile to be searchable, and of course BP supports public and private forums.

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