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Searchable travel itineraries for users?

  • focalmatter


    Hi! I’m in the process of planning a buddypress site for travelers and backpackers, and I am wondering if there’s any way for each user to have a very simple travel itinerary on their profile that lists where they’ll be, when (ex, “I’m currently in Rome and will be in: Paris from 4/5–4/10; London from 4/11–4/16; Amsterdam from 4/17–4/29;”).

    I imagine entering the data would be easy enough, as it’d just be a custom user field with a simple array of places and times as the value, but I have no idea how searching would work. It’s important users be able to conduct searches like “Who will be within 50 miles of Bangkok between 4/17 & 5/20?” or “What male users aged 20–30 are in Toronto right now?”

    I’m new to BP and am not too familiar with its full capabilities yet, but so far all my searches for this kind of functionality turn up nothing. Is there any way to do this currently, or is my best bet commissioning a custom plugin?


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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