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Searching for classifieds, events and a booking plug-ins

  • ozgurpolat


    Dear All,

    I recently signed-up with WPMU DEV because they have very interesting plug-ins. What attracted me was their ads like “Submit feature requests and we’ll develop our plugins just for you”, “it is like having your own wordpress development team”, “Unlimited Q&A, live and manual support for any WordPress issue” in their join page. But as soon as joined, I realized that they only offer help with the usage of the plug-ins and they don’t really offer any customization help, and there is no real amazing community as they suggest because my questions were answered by stuff members, and they told me to find a developer for what I wanted. I thought their advertisements were very misleading and decided to quit. Now I am looking for a classifieds, and event management, bookings (appointments) plug-ins that work well with buddypress and they are not WPMUDEV plug-ins. Any suggestions?

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