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Secure enough for medical patients?

  • Peter


    I’ve been asked to consult with a medical software startup that has built a platform for doctor-to-patient communication, and have been asked to suggest solution for building a user community for patients to share content amongst each other.

    Is Buddypress general considered secure enough for users sharing highly sensitive information?


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  • shanebp


    Good question.
    BP can be quite secure.
    It’s more about your server and then about WP and then about any additional plugins that you may use.
    There are lots of articles about WP security.
    Here’s one.

    Henry Wright


    Security out of the box is fairly tight but as @shanebp mentions above there are ways of ‘hardening’ WordPress security. Also, you have to be careful when custom code or plugins are added – be sure the code is secure.

    Separate to security but important to you would be the issue of privacy. BP offers some privacy control but you could always extend on that depending how sensitive exactly your info is (and it sounds like your info will be extremely sensitive).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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