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  • foreningenfema


    I have installed buddypress on my site, and I have also installed the “buddypress members only”-plugin.
    Now I have the site as I want it. A closed social network and you have to log in to see all the personal information and even the list of members and groups.

    But how safe is my site for hackers? I mean I think the members will probably put out a lot of personal information in their profiles and groups and this is information they don’t want anyone to see.

    Are there any plugins that can help me prevent hackers on the site? I think that the site as it is now is not encrypted in anyway?

    What can I do to secure the information in the best way?

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  • Hugo Ashmore


    How secure is your server ?

    How secure is WP? pretty secure until the point you install a plugin that opens up an unthought of hole.

    Have you searched the WP plugin repo for plugins that might help? There are quite a few available generally found under a search like ‘security’ !

    This isn’t really a BP question.



    Oh, thank you, I have focused so much on Buddypress lately, so I forgot about WP…. I found a good solution i Wordfence security i guess.

    Hugo Ashmore


    Yep I’ve used and use wordfence where a little additional security is required.

    Check the WP codex as well for a best practises for securing a WP installation.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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