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“SEE ALL” button for Group Members Not Entirely Useful

  • jvinch


    When Groups have more than 5 members, one row with members is listed and a link named “see all” appears on the right of the page. Clicking it, though, really doesn’t do much. I expected a full list of members, or at a minimum more than 5 – but it’s essentially the same list presented on a different page.

    From a usability point of view, it’s very complicated to browse the members to a group if a maximum of 5 are listed. Look at testBP – groups with over 450 members so there are 90 pages with members to browse? It’s a non-starter.

    Can we perhaps display this as a tabular view? 4 columns wide, 20 rows long. In that case, a group with 800 members is still only 10 pages.

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  • Burt Adsit


    Hey jvinch. I think that this sort of thing is a ‘left to the student’ type of exercise for people who are creating bp member themes. The theme’s we have now are the basic ones that come with the package. Kinda like mu’s kubrick default and home themes.

    Although bp’s default themes are pretty nifty by themselves. The member theme is pretty unique. But ya, you’re right.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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