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Send register notification email to admin too

  • shendeluth



    I have modify registration form to allow user send data without activation email, because i need than registered user activation only allowed for our admin users. About this I have customize “Activation email” from Buddypress Email managing to have different message when some user send data to register, selecting the “Situation” associated to “register users trigger . But i need than this trigger send another email with register entered data to admin system email (i have resolve already how to capture this data to add into email ) . 2 emails sending the same time, one to user registered and another to system email.

    I do’nt know how do this because i don’t know how create new “situation” than to use system email to send this email. Now only i’m sending email to register user, and Buddypress Email management not allow to change this email. It’s diffuclt form me find how create new elements into “situation” list with this specific caracteristics to cerate new email entry to send admins.

    Some solution.

    I hope i have explain well and sorry for my english.

    Thank you!

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