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SEOSB Was Built Around BP Support

  • Shanni Einer


    I am actually new to BP. I’ve been a wp geek for a year now. I saw mu around for a while and got curious about it. I installed a BP on one of my domains and fell in absolute love. I use as many plugins as I can and are necessary to run the sites. So I’ve become familiar very quickly will all of its antics. I’m still in development phase but I am confident that SEO Support Bay can provide many services to many people ranging from usage to design, marketing & development and the functionality of just making money online. SEOSB was the site I designed after setting up a dozen sites using BP because I found that there were some obvious spammers joining the site so I set it up as a doc site mainly. Considering I also use Simple Facebook Connect, the necessity was to create one tou page, help page and privacy page for that to update rather than the daunting task of setting up one of those pages for each of my sites. I’m still testing if this theory can be a connecting hook between all my facebook apps and pages for massive cross promotion – I hope so! . As well, SEOSB is a playground site for this aspiring dev. I love designing & tinkering with everything I can WP BP.

    You can visit SEOSB here –

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