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Separate Business User

  • navinachettri



    I have a standard single site installation of WordPress with Buddypress plugin where normal users are only registered members. Now I want to make the following changes.

    1) Create a paid membership for business services.
    2) The business section is visible only to subscribed businesses in point no 1
    3) The business members should have a (extended) profile that is different than the normal users
    4) The business members should be able to post jobs and adverts that is visible to normal users
    5) Normal users should be able to apply to such jobs with a click and their profile should be visible to the advertiser for a period pf 30 days.

    Being a novice, a step by step guide would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • navinachettri


    Help somebody, anybody!!

    Henry Wright


    Hi @navinachettri

    1. Have you searched the plugin directory?
    2. This can be done via hooks. It will need some custom code (not much, just a few lines).
    3. You could hide or show xProfile fields according to role. How exactly roles are created and managed will be dependent on point 1
    4. Again, to distinguish business users from ‘normal’ users, you’d use the roles created via the plugin you’re using from point 1. The jobs and adverts could each have their own custom post type
    5. This will need to be custom coded

    Hope that helps?



    Hi Henry

    Thanks for giving me the direction. Being a novice, it will take time but I will follow your guidelines.

    I was thinking that I would need a multisite installation of wordpress but I guess I was way off target.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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