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separate out "activity streams" via content type

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    In another thread I was asking about how to keep up with all my posts in the forums as there seems to be no way to search for it. Another user suggested checking my profile activity stream, which lead me to this question.

    On my personal buddypress site, I may write 20-50 articles a day, reply to a few hundred other articles, and post huge amounts of posts in the forums.

    Here\’s the problem with that:
    Say I am searching my activity stream for posts I made in the forums…
    Well if I made the post say a few days ago, it is LONG GONE from the activity stream as it only shows the last few activities I did.

    If everything is stored already, just not viewable on the steam page, then a few ideas:
    1. sort the activity by type of activity
    – blog posts
    – blog post repsonses
    – forum posts
    – buddy requests
    – etc…..
    2. Have the ability to search my activity streams
    3. Only show activity for past 30 days on activity stream homepage with pagination
    4. Archive all other activity just like wp does for articles now.
    5. limit archived stream viewing to the stream owner only – we don\’t want everyone to be able to easily see every single thing another member has ever done, security implications galore there.

    Unfortunately with the new legislation in the U.S. for social netowrking sites keeping this type of data is going to become mandatory. There are countless articles about how \’social networking sites\’ are being forced to provide specific user information such as what a user posted and where they came from \’ip\’.

    Frankly I have been somewhat worried about this, as the cost of a custom development to comply would cost to much. At the very least having all this information stored somewhere and available on demand would at least show that I am trying to comply.

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