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Separate sign up forms?

  • Mulitple registration forms?

    Hi there,
    I’m creating a social networking site for a client. Basically its main point is to allow event promoters to seek out nightlife talent for the events- IE performers, dancers, DJs, bands and so on. What I would like to achieve is how to have two SEPARATE sign up/registration forms. One for artists and performers- allowing them to list a description of the services they provide- and another for promoters- allowing them to list the type of talent they are seeking.

    It would also be awesome to take these two categories and have a function where they can be filtered in the search page. IE- allow someone to search only performers or only performers when they search the website’s members.

    The website in the making for reference-

    Please let me know if this is possible or how I can achieve this!

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  • Ok so I see that the xProfiles ACL Plug-in allows you to assign different profile groups to different levels of users… I know the default registration form registers people as subscribers…. it is possible for me to create a separate form for maybe “contributors” and assign them the proper profile groups corresponding to the “promoters” and leave all of the “subscribers” with the proper groups for the performers and artists? Or is there a way I could just create a different user level altogether? Help >__<

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