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separate the activity stream by type?

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    How would I go about separating the activity stream data, or at least allowing my users to choose which data they want to see?

    Meaning, I don’t care that user ‘x’ updated their profile etc… Maybe some users would care, but I don’t.

    As the admin, I am trying to picture what the activity stream is going to look like with potentially thousands of users at once. The idea of having my activity stream filled up with extranious ‘junk’ like profile updates, is only going to ruin the concept of the activity stream.

    Imagine if myspace did that, man, we would almost never see anything worth while in the stream.

    In my ‘perfect’ scenario, the admin, me would choose the ‘default’ information shown in the stream, and then allow other users to either add/delete stream updates such as forum posts, user updates, etc…

    Or even separating the activity stream out into individual parts and displaying them separately.

    I’d personally like to see 3 separate streams,

    1. blog updates

    2. forum posts

    3. group posts

    I”m sure others would prefer different stuff than myself, hence the question of how to manage what is shown.

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