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Separation of closed topics in forum

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    I’m not sure if this is more addressed to BuddyPress or to bbpress.

    We use the group forums (beside discussion forums) for a kind of todo and bug reporting. Everytime an issue is solved, we close the topic (like this “resolved” here). Now it would be much more clear if the closed topics were separately under the open ones (or in another tab behind).

    1. The table with open topics, with continued counting and pagination

    2. A table with closed topics, with it’s own counting and pagination

    Or: the open topics listet first and the closed ones at the end (end of pagination) in the same table.

    Please, can you tell me if this is possible in any way by a specific coding in an own theme or child theme? Or maybe with a plugin? Or maybe – is here somone out there who’d like this, too, as a BuddyPress/bbPress feature?

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  • As you might be able to tell, this doubles the number of database queries for a particular forum view; we’ve ran into similar do-we-don’t-we decisions while adding things to bbPress 1 forums in BuddyPress in the past.

    If you’re not already, I suggest migrating to bbPress 2, and I would recommend asking on the bbPress website to see if anyone knows how to start. I haven’t done it myself before, but I do know this is much easier to do in bbPress 2 than bbPress 1.

    (bbPress 1 is the old version of bbPress that comes bundled with BuddyPress. We’re phasing it out).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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