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Serious upgrade problem

  • dlittle800


    I upgraded to… My site works, but I am not able to login to my admin panel.

    Here is the error message I get:
    “The plugin buddypress/bp-loader.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.”

    The only way I can login to admin is by deleting the buddypress plugin – then my site does not work. Before upgrading buddypress, I upgraded WPMU to version 3.0 and installed BuddyPress Sitemap Generator.

    I have deleted all my plugins except buddypress. I have tried installing previous versions, I have re-installed WP3.0 – but still the same problem.

    Also :: When FTPing the buddypress folder into the wp-content/plugins folder, I also noticed there is another folder there I hadn’t noticied before… a “.plugins folder (and inside is a buddypress folder) hmmm? Is that supposed to be there?

    Any suggestions?

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