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Set link to compose page with more than one recipient

  • patalgar


    Hi everyone,

    Here is my setup:
    WordPress 5.2.3
    Buddypress Version 4.4.0
    Events Manager 5.9.5


    I did search through the forum and a famous search tool but didn’t find it yet:

    I would like to link, via the url and $_GET[‘r’] data, to the “compose buddypress profil page” with more than one recipient. Something like:
    a href=”…user2…user3″>link</a

    Is it possible and what would be the semantic for?
    If Not, what solution should I use to get the existing compose page with the field “to” containing “@user1 @user2 @user3”.
    I can get the user with all data (name, login, id), as an array for exemple. And I don’t need to manage large list of user (mostly up to 5-10).

    Thanks for helping.

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