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Set new user to pending at first and activate manually

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  • Venutius


    The standard way of doing this is to let the users activate themselves and to use BP Registration Options to approve their application to join. BP Registration Optons does work, I use it on every site I build. It’s generally not a good idea just to activate users without them confirming their email address, it can lead to spam users getting easy access to your site, though you can significantly liit these types of requests if you use the Registration Honeypot plugin.



    Thank you! That gets me half way 🙂

    I still get the notification after registration about the activation link – and I do not think that the little old ladies using my site will get that they have to activate and then wait for approval (to much for them to take in).

    So I now are able to stop users with the extra My Private Site-plugin and the messages sent out from BP egistration works as a charm. There is only one (Account Approved Email) that actually is sent though – I can not figure out how to get the other ones to override the BuddyPress – activation-email. And if I de-activate that e-mail no e-mail is sent at all.

    Also when I click on the register-button in the registration form I get redirected to a page that says that my account needs to be activated and I have to check my e-mail to do so. I want to loose it or change the text.

    If they try to log in anyway they get the wordpress opt of re-sending the activation-link. Same thing here – preferably change the text.

    But where do I find the texts? I guess the re-direct page is automated from BP, the other one is from WP.

    Any tips?



    Regarding changing the messages BuddyPress shows, you can create your own local translation file using the PoEdit application, see this doc:

    Customizing Labels, Messages, and URLs

    If you really want to disable the activation emails, there’s an old plugin which I think still works:

    BP Disable Activation Reloaded

    If you have issues with it let me know.



    The DB Disable worked fine – only then anyone could visit the site.

    I was not capable enough to follow the instructions in how to customize but it helped anyway!
    When I realized what I was looking for i found the plugin Loco Translate – worked like a charm.

    I am so happy right now – thanks a million for your help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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