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Set up Forums for Groups (bbPress)

  • I’ve got current versions of WPmu and BuddyPress installed, and have installed bbPress using a separate database, but they seem to be talking together nicely. BuddyPress is working fine and looks great but group forums just show “[Placeholder]” – which I see the Demo sit also has.

    How far out is the integration piece for this, and does anyone have a workaround until then?

    I also have an issue with the link to the bbPress forums, which is – the home page displays, but the link to the autogenerated posts at produces a 404 error with the BuddyPress theme. WPmu was installed with the option for blogs to be created at – if this is the cause of the error, how do I override it for /forums/? I have added “forums” to the list of disallowed logins.

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