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Setting minimum year in signup form

  • avonrivercs


    Wordpress version 5.8, Buddypress version 9.0. Theme is Sweetdate.
    I have an issue when a user signs up to create an account. When they select the dropdowns for the day, month and year of their birthday, the year options start from 2031 maximum and go to 1961 minimum. I have set the minimum age to join at 18 and I would like the maximum age to be 80 which is what I have set. I would have thought that the minimum date that could be entered via the dropdown would be the current year minus 18 to the maximum age of the current year minus 80. I can’t find anywhere I can adjust this apart from the minimum and maximum age setti8ngs which are not working. I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction to resolve this.

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