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Setting up Login page

  • glenndavis007


    Hello those of you who are very kind to help.

    I’ve been away from my site for a few weeks and now I’ve returned to complete the setup. Current situation:
    • Domain:
    • Landing page:
    • Login page:
    • Activity streams:
    • Using Buddypress Membes Only Pro plugin to lockdown members-only pages.

    Seeking this outcome:
    * Want to be the landing and login page.
    * Want members to be directed to the activity stream ( after logging in.
    * Want to customize the login page and have it on the landing page.
    * Thus, will be the landing & login page, and will be the activity page. All other BP components (Profile, Friends, etc) are in the top tab.

    1) (a) Can I customize the login page so it does NOT show the basic WP login?
    (b) Sometimes when using Incognito, the login page shows “”. Does this indicate an error somewhere?
    (c) Can I use the Divi theme to customize the landing page ( so it has the login form on it?

    2) When a member goes to the site ( to enter, after logging only a blank page shows. They have to select “Community” from the top menu. How can I re-direct the member to the Community page?

    3) Do you have a recommendation to secure members-only pages? I tried Buddypress Lock but it seemed not to have the functionality I need (unless I did not fully understand its capabilities).

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  • Venutius


    Hi Glenn,

    (a) There are a number of plugins that allow you to customise the WordPress Login page.

    (b) No I don’t think so, this is indicating that Incognito is redirecting login.php to another page.

    (c) There’s a number of plugins that will allow you to put the login form into a widget for example, you could use one of these to put the login form on any page you like.

    2. Maybe you could try:

    3. There’s a number of BP privacy plugins, they tend to work in different ways so it’s really a case of checking out a few to see if they deliver what you need. I personally tend to use a modified version of BP Members Only. I modified it so that posts are not private.

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