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Setting up my register page on buddy press

  • Yail Westmo


    I have the latest version of wordpress and the site is

    I had a recent incident where I was having over 200 registration sign-ups and I disabled it so that not anyone can register to the site.

    Now my issue is how can I enable my register page but only allow the sign ups to be modified and approved by me personally instead of manually adding in members?

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  • modemlooper




    Sadly this is one of the common major annoyance, Spammers have found many ways to “sneak” in and in general make pests of themselves. There are plug-in solutions and other ways to keep the pests out. Right now I’m testing out a plug-in named: BP Registration Options It adds a warning box to the Dashboard that appears at the top of pages while you’re in Dashboard mode. If intercepts new registrations and lists some information about where their coming from AND the IP address. You then can manually check these IP addresses out on various Black List sites of known spammers or just do a simple Google Search which will show many as spammers. You get 3 options, either approve, then they see the registration screen, deny, or ban, which adds the list them is ban forever list from THAT IP address.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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