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Share Buddypress xProfile Database tables between 2 Subdomains, not a multisite

  • samikip


    I have a website (say, with a subdomain (, both have standalone WordPress installations, with different BuddyPress Installations but sharing the same database. Now I have been able to share Users and User Meta Tables between the sites and now I’m looking for ways in which both sites can use the same xProfile Tables. I’m not using a multisite and I’m not planning to, been there, done that. Any suggestions on how I can achieve that?

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  • moralesgoyo


    Hi Samikip!

    Just came across your post searching in Google for a similar issue, although I am still in the previous step. I wonder if you found a solution for your issue, since I canĀ“t see any replies in this forum.

    I created a site for a customer with a buddypress install and a membership plugin. After done, they requested to create an intranet (which we did in a subdomain) using Woffice (an intranet theme that comes with a personalized in style BuddyPress). The intranet was to be offered say to “PREMIUM” members.

    The “problem” we are facing now, is that when users register in the corporate site (which they do via the membership registration form, which has an extension and creates their buddypress profile) they need to be registered again in the Intranet and create a new profile.

    What we are doing for now to solve this, we are only using the intranet Buddypress to avoid duplications (unconnected profiles).

    Could you please show some light on how to connect both databases? When creating the subdomain for the intranet we set it up to share databases (just changing the prefix) but we are pretty lost on how to proceed at this point.

    Thanks a lot for any help!



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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