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shortcodes and menus not working on new install

  • flamuren



    I really need your help. Its a strange issue.

    I some week ago installed a new website on siteground hosting with buddyx theme and buddypress. All went well.

    Did the same tonight on another new website on the same host and all the same – except its the new buddypress 12.4.0 instead of 12.3.0.

    On the new website the shortcodes for login etc is not working. The menu options are not available either to choose “login” and register for logged in or out visitors… its like buddypress is not installed correctly.

    Tried installing the older version manually but no difference.

    So one website, not issues, the other some issues.

    Any idea how to get it firing on the latest website I am building?

    Best regards,

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  • flamuren


    Just to clarify: when managing menues I dont have the “buddypress directories” or “buddypress-member” menu options.

    So I cant add them to the menu.

    They seem to have been removed on the latest 12.4.0. Since I have the exact same website installed a week before using 12.3.0 which have these menu options.



    found the menu items if I edit the user profile menu from the theme customizer.

    Perhaps the theme is not compatible with the latest 12.4.0.

    So not really any issue – just strange.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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