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Shortcodes? Is their a better way?

  • Apologies if this is the wrong thread to ask, but i’m currently working on creating a wiki section of my site and need some ‘guidance’. While, afew have done amazing jobs bridging MediaWiki to work with Buddypress ( @boonebgorges comes to mind) and to be honest, i had the bridge all setup and was about to pay someone to port my wordpress theme to mediawiki but i decided to customise one of the existing wordpress-wiki plugins to suit my needs. I just think its alot easier keeping the user inside wordpress rather than moving them between software.

    Anyways, Next on my to-do list is ‘infoboxes’. If you have a look at the wordpress wikipedia page, their is an infobox on the side with a summary of information about wordpress.

    The code something like this (not going to post it all, but you get the idea)
    {Infobox software
    | name = WordPress
    | logo = 250px
    | website = []

    Quick and easy code for users to implement. Is it possible to do that with Shortcodes? for example:
    [infobox id=”software” name=”Wordpress” logo=”Wordpress.png”]

    Not asking any of you to code it all for me but, i’m concidering paying someone to code it and wanted to find out from you guys if shortcodes are the best way to get that type of functionality or if theirs a better way? or; should i just scrap the idea and buy a mediawiki skin?

    I just like to know what i’m talking about before i go harassing developers :p

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