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Should I start with BP Multi-Network if I don't initially need it?

  • sidcam


    A group I’m in has a need (today) for a simple WP Multisite environment where BuddyPress is the main site and blogs are subdomains. As I’ve played with BuddyPress before, I agreed to set it up and host it.

    To offset hosting costs I intend to use the WPMU Dev Pro-Sites and Domain Mapping plugins that allow me to charge for “premium” services like assigning domains to user blogs or access to plugins as well as their Multi-Domain plugin that allows subdomains to be placed on more than just the main domain name.

    My problem is that I suspect this could grow beyond the initial use and have a need to fragment into multiple BuddyPress/User Blog networks (on one WP Multisite installation). If that happens, this first installation isn’t the logical domain choice for the top-level domain/network.

    So I need advice on how I should install BuddyPress:

    For today, should I keep it simple and worry about BP multi-networks when (or if) I have that need or should I plan ahead and set up a multi-network environment with this first installation as my sub-network #1? I have no way of gauging when this need might occur (it could be next month, it could be never).

    How difficult is it to take an existing BuddyPress/Multisite environment with existing user blogs and import it into a new Multi-Network environment as sub-network #1?

    One of my biggest concerns about using a Multi-Network environment to start is that I’ll have plugin incompatibility issues (namely with WMPU’s various domain mapping plugins). I can’t afford to front the hosting cost of this for very long so I need those to generate revenue.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that gives me their feedback or advice on how to proceed. I’m on a deadline to get this in beta and am stuck at the beginning.


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  • Ben Hansen


    not very familiar with multi network myself but as i understand it you can “upgrade” so-to-speak a regular network to a multi network. if i am correct it would almost certainly make sense to keep things simple until they need not to be.

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