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Should “recent comments” and “recent posts” be listed under “activity”?

  • r-a-y


    Hey BP gang,

    Right now, “recent comments” and “recent posts” are listed under a user profile’s “Blogs” section.

    Would it make sense to include such actions in the user’s “Activity” page as well?

    Can this be accomplished somehow using BP 1.0.1 through some creative PHP hacking?

    Let me know,


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  • John James Jacoby


    Yes, they should if you have the blogs component turned on.

    I have it working successfully at that way if you need an example.

    Check out this users activity feed as a reference.

    Dan Butcher


    I’m wondering why the blogs component has to be turned on for this to show up under Activity. As my site is configured, I’ve got only a few blogs, and the majority of the activity is in user comments. Those comments are appearing under the “blogs” section for each user, but as Ray says, it would be nice to have it under activity as well. I have tracking for all blogs, comments, etc. turned on, but I’m reluctant to allow blog creation for all users just to get the commenting activity to show up under Activity. Any work arounds?

    Jeff Sayre



    What John was referring to was having the “Blog Tracking” component enabled in BuddyPress, not allowing users to create new blogs. If you log into WPMU as site admin, then navigate to “BuddyPress > Component Setup”, you can enable or disable any of the core BuddyPress components. By default, they are all enabled.

    So, in your particular case where your users cannot create new blog posts but can only comment on blog posts, if “Blog Tracking” is disabled, then users’ comments will not show up in the activity stream. The enabling or disabling of new blog creation is a WPMU not BuddyPress feature.

    Dan Butcher


    Jeff, thanks for the clarification.

    I made sure that Blog Tracking was enabled when I realized that it should allow my students’ comments to show up in their activity list; I did this after just a few students had commented on a post. For some reason, though, their comments are not appearing as part of their activity.

    I’m beginning to think that something is wrong with my database. My site and blogs seem to be working correctly as far as posts go, but user data is not showing up in the database consistently. I’ve had two users register, but their required profile fields have not been added to the appropriate tables, etc.

    Since I’m well underway with my summer courses, I can’t afford to do any sort of re-install, but once the semester ends in early August, I think I will do the install from scratch and hopefully eliminate these sorts of problems.



    Hi John,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    The link you provided requires me to register for your site, which is something I don’t want to do, but I’ll take your word for it!

    I do have the “Blogs” component enabled (users are also able to create blogs), however like I mentioned in the first post, the comments are only listed on the user’s “Blogs > Recent Comments” page and not on the “Activity” page (right now, the “Activity” page says that the user hasn’t done anything).

    I guess I should mention that the user I tested this with is a subscriber on the main blog, and has no role on the secondary blog, which the comment was made on.

    Does that make a difference?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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